How to repair your aura
The aura can be healed using your intuition.

How to repair your aura

Did you know that illnesses and imbalances first appear in your auric field before becoming physical ailments? If you are experiencing strong emotions repeatedly, they can get embedded in the aura and eventually filter down to the physical body. You can learn how to disperse these feelings to stop them from building up and also repair any tears, leaks or holes that appear. I want to give you some ideas on how to repair your aura so that it can function properly and support your well-being. You don’t have to use all the methods simultaneously, you can just choose one technique or use a combination.

Ground, clear and protect first

First of all, it’s always a great idea to ground, cleanse and protect yourself before you attempt any energy work. A tree root meditation works really well to ground and cleanse at the same time (see my ‘Grounding Meditation‘ article). When you have completed this, imagine that a strong shell of light or a bubble is forming all around you to create a protective barrier. I like to make mine shiny like a mirror to deflect negative energy from other people.

Scan the aura

Before you can repair the aura you have to look at it carefully. It may seem strange doing all of this with your imagination, but trust the process. Your intention is really important so if you are confident it will work, you will find what you need to know. To look at the aura, you need to examine it in your mind, starting from several feet above your head. Don’t worry if you don’t have a strong ability to visualise, you can also just use your sense of knowing. Start at the top and gradually work your way down, bearing in mind that the aura may come out quite far from the physical body. You can also use your hands to feel it, which is how you would scan another person.

What to look for

Emotions can feel or look like clouds or dense masses of energy. They may have a temperature, feel tingly and/or appear as a distinct shape or colour. If you find something, stop and ask yourself how it makes you feel. Are you getting any impressions from it? Look out for any damaged areas in the aura, they may look like leaks with light coming through, or you may feel or see tears, holes or bumps. Keep scanning all the way down to your feet and make a mental note of where you need to repair your aura.

Methods for healing

Healing light:

The fastest repair method is to scan and heal at the same time. This is good for a quick tune-up in between more in-depth sessions. Visualise a really bright light (in whatever colour represents healing to you) moving down your aura. As it moves it highlights all the areas to you that need healing. Pause at each area and feel the light clearing, smoothing and repairing your energy field from head to toe.

Using your hands:

This method is useful if you want to heal someone else’s aura, but it can also be used for self-healing. It works very well in conjunction with reiki. Hover your hands around the auric field to find the areas which feel unusual. If you find what feels like a tear, use your hands to pinch the ends together until they stick. If you’re good at needlework, imagine sewing or darning it! Your fingers can smooth out any lumps and pull out things that shouldn’t be there. You can also visualise light coming out of your hands to directly heal certain areas. Use whatever techniques you feel called to use and keep going until everything feels as if it is fixed.

Using crystals to repair the aura:

A section of crystals on a tree stump.
Crystals are a powerful tool for aura healing.

Crystals are also excellent for this purpose. Your intuition will tell you which ones to select. Gather your crystals together, close your eyes and ask which crystal(s) will be best for repairing your aura. If you float your hand over them, you may feel a buzz or a temperature change over one or two of them. They are the ones you need to use! Whichever ones you are drawn to will be right. Crystals can be placed on the body close to the auric imbalances, or they can be rubbed over cracks and holes. Terminated crystals are useful for ‘sucking out’ unwanted energies that have built up or can be used for twisting and pulling things out. You can also concentrate healing energy into them; the points become laser beams of your intention. Use them to break up unwanted emotions, seal up tears and heal specific areas.

Using sound:

Chimes, bells and tuning forks can create the right vibration for healing, paired with visualisation and intention. This is not an area that I have much experience in, but there are sound healers who may be able to advise you. (Let me know in the comments if you can shed any light on this!) If you have bells, give them a try and see what effects there are on your aura. If you don’t have any instruments, try using some of the above techniques whilst listening to music which relaxes you.

How do you feel?

You will know if your work is done as you will feel calmer and better straight away. If you re-scan the aura, it ought to feel even and smooth. If it isn’t, simply go back over the areas that need more attention. I recommend doing this once a week or more often if you feel you need to. If problems are caused by a recurring emotion, aura repairs are like putting a plaster over the problem; it is best if you can work on the underlying causes for a lasting result.

Please give my methods a try and let me know how they have worked for you in the comments below. Have you got any other methods you can share?

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