Grounding Meditation
Being grounded is the feeling of being connected your body.

Grounding Meditation

I love meditation. Sometimes it’s extremely hard finding the time to fit it in and there’s a part of me that sighs: “I don’t have time to do nothing!” However, if I make an effort to sit quietly for just 10 minutes, I remember why I do it: all the niggling worries, stress and repetitive thoughts gradually melt away, leaving behind a feeling of relief. There is a certain quality of stillness that I achieve which I cannot access in any other way. When I feel like I am ‘in my head’ too much, I realise the need to do a grounding meditation. This brings my mind back in balance with my body and brings my energy downwards, towards the earth. It reconnects the world and surrounding nature to me.

I need to do a grounding meditation when:

  • a single thought keeps going round my head incessantly
  • it feels like my head is too full of thoughts
  • I feel anxious and panicky
  • electrical items, apps and computer programmes stop working around me
  • I feel scattered, flustered and disconnected
  • I am about to take on spiritual practices (e.g, healing, prayer, deep meditation etc)

Which leads me to the next question:

How can I ground myself?

There are many ways to ground yourself. A grounding meditation is a convenient method you can use almost anywhere: on the train to work or in bed when you can’t sleep at night. You can also ground yourself with physical activity, such as exercising, playing sports, and gardening. Literally grounding yourself by touching the earth and walking barefoot for a few minutes outside works too. Going for a walk in nature is one of the best ways to dump all the excess negative energy you’ve accumulated in your head. This is why you feel so refreshed and pleasantly tired after a day by the sea or a stroll in the woods. Surprisingly, sharing a good meal with friends is also very grounding as the physical act of eating with awareness brings you back to your body.

A simple grounding meditation to try:

This is a meditation I really like to use. It does’t take much time at all and is probably the most commonly practiced one amongst psychics, healers and the like. Of course, you don’t have to be psychic to ground yourself, everyone can benefit from its mind-clearing properties and the focus it can bring to any situation. Before beginning, you need somewhere to sit comfortably upright and undisturbed. You don’t have to bend your legs into a pretzel or have a special cushion. Just don’t meditate lying down or you will inevitably fall asleep! I often do this meditation standing up.

photo of a large tree. You can see the roots and the sun shining through the leaves.
Use the image of a tree during a grounding meditation.

Sitting or standing comfortably with eyes closed, take several slow, deep breaths. Be aware of the air travelling from your nose to your lungs, and notice the way it moves back out again.

Bring your attention to your body. Become aware of the surfaces you are touching. Focus on how each area feels, but without judgement. Notice the weight of your body on these surfaces.

Now imagine there are thick, cord-like roots growing out of your body, stretching downwards, deep into the cool, dark earth. As you exhale, push them down as deep as you can and then make them spread out, like the roots of a tree. They can be any colour you wish.

Visualise all your stress, worries and anxiety moving down from your head, through your torso and out through your roots into the ground. As you exhale, push each thought out. Picture the earth transmuting this energy into positive energy that it can use, like a fertiliser. You start to feel very heavy; your body is dense, like the earth.

Next, see a blindingly beautiful bright light high above you. It beams down through the top of your head and fills your body, until you become the light. Know that this light is clearing away all residual negativity. Enjoy this feeling of radiance and purity.

Stay for as long as you like. Notice that you are now feeling balanced and aware of your body. When you are ready, open your eyes and take this peacefulness with you into your day. You are now grounded.

Please give this meditation a try and let me know how it works for you in the comments below!

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