An Easy and Natural cure for Conjunctivitis
There is a natural cure for pink eye.

An Easy and Natural cure for Conjunctivitis

If you are interested in discovering a natural cure for conjunctivitis WITHOUT resorting to pharmaceutical ointments, creams or drops, read on!

What is conjunctivitis?

Conjunctivitis is a common infection of the conjunctiva, the fine membrane which lines the white of the eye and the inner eyelids. Common symptoms include itching, redness (pink eye), watering and the production of a gritty or sticky substance, which can sometimes glue the eyelids together.

What causes it?

Hayfever and other allergies can cause a form of conjunctivitis, where the eyes are itchy, red and watery. This type is not contagious, however, if the eyes are sticky, gloopy, red or gritty, it may be contagious and therefore pass easily onto others. As with colds and other infections, good hygiene is key to prevent passing it on or contracting it in the first place.

Ok, what is the natural cure for conjunctivitis?

A white mug viewed from above containing tea, with hot steaming water being poured into it.
Tea is all you need. photograph by Nathan Dumlao

Sometimes it can clear up by itself, especially if it is caused by an allergy, but it’s best not to leave it for too long if there is a chance of it infecting your friends, colleagues and family. Plus, it’s uncomfortable and and unsightly! One quick, easy and natural cure for conjunctivitis I have found is plain cooled tea, without sweeteners or additives of any kind. I have found that pure black tea works well, but you could also try it with green tea if that is what you have at home. This method was actually recommended to me by my doctor.

Teabag method

Just grab a mug, add a couple of teabags and pour over boiling water. Wait for the infusion to cool and then squeeze out most of the liquid, enough so it’s not going to drip everywhere but with enough moisture left in to be slightly wet. Lie back and place over your eyes. Some of the liquid will seep between your eyelids: this is a good thing, the tea will be able to do its magic! Leave for 10 minutes or even longer if you like. Be sure to put a towel under your head to avoid staining your bed or sofa. Discard the teabags after use.

Tea leaves method

If you only have tea leaves, make a strong infusion of about two teaspoons of tea in a cup (around 250ml) of boiling water and leave to cool down before straining out the leaves. Soak pieces of cotton wool in the tea and apply as above. If you don’t have cotton wool, folded up pieces of uncoloured kitchen paper or toilet roll will work too. Unused clean tea can be covered and stored in the refrigerator to be used again, but try to make a fresh batch each day.

How often?

Do this 3-4 times a day and you will quickly see results. Sometimes in as little as 24 hours, but allow for 1-3 days of treatment. From my experience, this natural cure for conjunctivitis takes no longer than when using pharmaceuticals, but is a cheaper and safer solution.


Using tea from the camellia sinensis plant is an effective natural cure for conjunctivitis. I have used this on myself and my children several times and it really works. Try it and see!

Disclaimer: I am not a medical doctor and my suggestions are based on my own opinions, research and observations. Please seek professional medical advice if you are unwell.

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